Resorts & Hotels in Bannerghatta.


Bannerghatta is a national park which was made for biological purpose as it was settled down in 2002. It is in the southern region of Bangalore at a distance of 22 kms so which means it would approximately take about one and half hour to reach there but many people visit it from all over the India due to its beautiful nature. Many tourists visit this place as there are several species of animals which are brought from several parts of India as well as from outside the India. As many people visit these areas in vacations so hotels built here are of also good standard such as Arama Suites, The Chalet and Mangomist Resort.

Most of these hotels have wi-fi, pick and drop service from the airport as well as gym facility. The different types of tigers and lions are kept there so that, people can see and appreciate the maintenance as well as organizing team. Many tourists come there, especially in the winter season but it is closed on Tuesday and its timings are from 9 am to 5 p.m. some of the famous restaurants of this area, are Raga restaurant and Club-Resort.

Some place is also reserved for butterflies and this section was opened officially in 2006 by the minister of science and technology. The educational system is also improved in this region of Bangalore as there are many primary, higher secondary schools as well as colleges. The Samhita Academy, Radcliffe School and Teddy Kidz are some of the English medium schools.