Forts in Karnataka

Forts in Karnataka

There are thousands upon thousands of forts in Karnataka, but here they are called gad, durga or kote.

Anegundi or Anegondi is a small village in the district of Koppal and is included in the Hampi World Heritage Site. The Anegundi fort is located across the river and was the northernmost outpost for the Vijayanagara Empire and all that remains is a fort wall that is broken and the shattered ruins.

Bellary is a city that is located in the district of Bellary and is home to the Bellary Fort. The fort is situated upon the ballari gudda or the “fort hill” and was renovated by a French engineer after Hyder Ali took it from the Hande Nayaka family during 1769.

Chitradurga is a town in the district of Chitradurga and there are bold hills made of rock and valleys that are beautiful. This town is the home of Chitradurga Fort, which has 7 different walls of enclosure and 18 different temples inside.

Manzarabad is around 7 kilometers away from Sakleshpur and is in the Hassan district. It is home to the Manzarabad fort, which was built in 1792 by Tipu Sultan and designed in a star shape and sits on 5 acres of land.

Nargund is also called Naragunda, which is a small town in the district of Gadag. The fort located here was constructed by Chhatrapati Shivaji and is the main reason tourists come to this small town.

Ucchangi is one of the many hill forts in Karnataka and this one is located in Chitradurga. Also, you can find the Ucchangi Ellamma Temple here.

Raichur is a city located in the Raichur district and was a part of the Bahmanis, Hyderabad and Vijayanagara empires. This fort is home to a large slab of rock that is 41 feet long and was carried up using carts pulled by buffaloes.