RESORTS & HOTELS IN Chamarajanagar


You can find this town in the southern end of Karnataka. Chamarajanagar bears this name after the name of Mysore King, Chamaraja Wodeyar IX . He was a ruling king between 1774 and 1796. This town is recognized among the list of towns those are less developed in Karnataka. Arikottara was the initial name for Chamarajanagar. Holy shrine of Jainism religious tolerance was constructed here which was named as Vijay Parsvanath Basadi. It was built by Punisadandanayaka who was the commander of Hoysala king.

Primarily, most of the areas of Chamarajanagar are found to be a part of leeward region of Nilgiris. One of the ancient temples of this Kannada region is known as Chamarajeshwar temple. In fact, this suggests strongly about the presence of rich cultural heritage in that era. Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary and Biligiri Rangana Hills Wildlife Sanctuary are successful in drawing the attention of the tourists for exquisite sightseeing in Chamarajanagar.

Chamarajanagar is indeed renowned as tourist site with lots of attractions such as Gopalaswamy Betta, Suvarnavathi Reservoir, Kanakagiri Hill, the Dzogchen Monastery, etc. With a rich cultural heritage, this Kannada region always welcomes tourists. You can either board flights, trains or buses easily to enjoy the scenic beauty of Chamarajanagar.